Register to Vote

Regardless as to who you support or what party you are affiliated with you still need to register with your town clerk. You can do so online, on paper or right in your town clerk’s office. Here’s how:

But how do you decide whom to vote for? Is it because they dress well, speak well, have sharp creases in their pants, have nice hair, kiss babies, smile all the time? Or maybe you give them your vote just because you know their name! Now that’s just silly!

Don’t you think you should vote for the person who shares your views and hopes?

What’s a conservative? What’s a liberal? What’s a moderate? While there are specific definitions for these terms one candidate can actually be a little of each when considering different laws. Regardless as to what term the candidates label themselves it is up to the voter to decide which label is accurate, or not!

The bottom line is that a person should vote for the candidate that mostly shares his or her views.

Voting Laws USA

What about your political party preference? A party’s platform details both general and specific ideals its members usually believe in. Although members of a political party usually follow the “party line” on the general level, they can vary in their opinions on the specifics.

So what party is the one you agree with most? Don’t worry – you can change parties anytime you like. Visit the web site of the various parties and read what they have to say. It’s your choice whether to join the party or be un-aligned.

There are many parties in America but the more prominent ones are listed below.
1. American Independent Party –
2. Democrat Party –
3. Green Party –
4. Libertarian Party –
5. Progressive Party –
6. Republican Party –

For an overview of the above parties go here.