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Pop Quiz: Everything is simple, once you understand it

The key to understanding most any subject is to first understand the vocabulary and the basics.

Pop Quiz – The U.S. Constitution, is a card game for one or more people interested in American civics. It does not teach politics. This deck teaches how the American national government works by presenting questions pertaining to how the Constitution was formed, written and implemented. The player who answers a question correctly keeps the card. The one who has the most cards at the end wins.

Use Pop Quiz card games at parties or in the classroom. It easily promotes learning through repetition. Pop Quiz fosters friendly discussions not only about what government can do but what it cannot do as well. The U.S. Constitution is not a set of guidelines. It is the foundation for America.

Pop Quiz Playing Cards: US Constitution

Pop Quiz -The U.S. Constitution deck of 54 cards.

Pop Quiz -The U.S. Constitution deck of 54 cards.

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