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    Steve Jackson

      While prostitution may very well involve sexual relations between consenting adults, thought must also consider the before and the after-effects of its practice. Consider the players involved: the sex worker, the pimp, the customer and the community.
      A slim minority of sex workers actually choose that profession while the vast majority have that choice made for them. It usually is the last resort for employment, potentially dangerous and unlike Hollywood depictions, degrading. The worker is the victim making memories best left behind but never forgotten.

      The pimp might be the only one who can be regulated and controlled if prostitution is decriminalized or legalized. Regulated or not, he or she can be running a business based upon exploitation of vulnerable girls and boys. Drug addiction and violence are often the only coercion required to control the stable.

      The customer pays for a loveless and empty experience. True love costs nothing but does require selflessness.

      The community receives more of what it does not control.

      So, the question is, what does prostitution attract or create: Human trafficking, drug-alcohol and sex addiction, depressed expectations, broken homes, poor self-image, and on and on.

      A government that enables prostitution encourages the growth of all that detracts from the health of the community. In exchange for what – the opportunity to collect tax dollars, fees and building a bureaucracy to feed the practice. A government that lacks self-control breeds the same habits in its population.

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