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    Steve Jackson

      The most important first step to enact a Parent’s Bill of Rights regarding education would be to legislate that schools post online or in hard copy form a list of all the approved courses taught as well as all the materials used to teach those courses. Those materials would be all approved text books, online resources, pamphlets, magazines, audio recordings, etc. updated quarterly. Any materials not on the list would therefor be deemed non-approved. That should not be controversial as it only makes our school systems completely transparent. Without that transparency parents won’t know what their children are being taught and taxpayers won’t know what they are buying.

      Currently, a school or district is able to deny teaching a particular subject, such as critical race theory, while allowing teachers to independently bypass or replace the official list of teaching materials. That loop-hole could apply to practically any subject by giving the district or school “plausible deniability” with a wink and a nod to teachers willing to pursue their own individual agendas.

      The subject of American civics has no right, wrong, left, right, liberal or conservative bent. It is a subject that enables all to understand our unique system of government with a constitution that is too often considered a collection of guidelines to be ignored or strained when convenient rather than being accepted and protected as the foundation of our country.

      The US Constitution is not a “living constitution”. It is our bedrock.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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