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    Steve Jackson

      No government should be allowed to install or mandate the public to wear masks for any reason, even to avoid contracting Covid 19. Firstly because there is no mask that can do that and secondly because it is not the jurisdiction of the government to force any individual to do that. I suppose a case can be made for a mayor, governor or president to dictate that policy…”for our own good” and in emergency situations. But that emergency situation needs approval from the select-board or congress to give its stamp of approval, and even then only for a very limited period of time. Also, the reason for the mandate, has to be clearly stated and proven to be effective for the cause for which it was enacted. To date, mask mandates are arbitrary, inconsistent, and unconstitutional. At the very least, your liberty is worth more than my life.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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