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    Steve Jackson

      Disrespecting the flag for the purpose of calling attention to a cause disrespects all those who have fought and all of us who live to protect our right to correct those perceived wrongs. It throws disrespect in the faces of all those in attendance and all those who view that act and all those who have lived, suffered and died to protect our nation and all it stands for.

      To disrespect the flag requires one to believe that the perceived wrongs are endemic, systemic and pervasive throughout our system of government and society. The disrespect does nothing positive but everything negative. It requires nothing from the protestor who, in so doing, actually fosters that which he protests; the anger from others who find such protest abhorrent, gutless and pointless. The act of disrespecting the flag wrongly lumps all Americans into the same pot of guilt.

      I am an American and stand for its past, present and future and will fight, suffer and die to protect our freedoms and everyone’s right to pursue happiness. Disrespecting the flag disrespects that constitutional right. Don’t kick me in the butt when I’m protecting yours.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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