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    Steve Jackson

      Since Common Core is not practiced in any other country’s educational systems that produce educated students finer than our own why are we using it? Does it not make sense to copy educational methods employed by countries that produce students better than ours? If you take 20 students and one teacher and have them replicated in different classrooms around the world, I suspect you would find different outcomes in each situation.

      Therefore, if it is not the student or the teacher that are the variables then it must be the methods. Why invent a totally new concept like Common Core when the successful methods already exist. The answer is based in the two factors of blame avoidance and reluctance to take responsibility.

      The root cause of failed education is the reluctance of the profession not to take responsibility for its own failure. Those two factors are teachers’ unions which protect poor performance, school boards which don’t have the time or money to insist on good performance and parents who do not provide a proper home environment for study or respect for the educational system which has evolved into a baby sitter rather than a center for superb educational opportunity.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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