Connect with candidates, voters and your local government

Public opinion consists of the desires, wants and thinking of the majority of the people. It is the collective opinion of the people, of a society or state, on an issue or problem. It's becoming increasingly important what people think of political contention.
Connect with candidates, voters and your local government


Bounce Back offers politicians the opportunity to connect directly with their constituents in real-time to discuss their voting record as well as their concerns and plans for the future. Future candidates will be able to write how they would be a better choice in the next election.

we vote for a person on the federal presidential ballot, but only indirectly as we are actually selecting electors to vote in our place


Bounce Back offers you, the voter, the opportunity to hear directly from all your politicians in one web site without being subjected to editorials or visitor comments. At Bounce Back we help you to formulate your own opinions on public policy and politicians based upon building a solid foundation of history and the facts.

Local Government Committee Meeting

Local Government

Town, city, and state governments are also invited to open up accounts to inform their citizens what they need to know, whether it’s time to register their dog or when the next select board meeting is scheduled.

“We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

Thomas Jefferson

Here’s your chance to speak up and tell the world what you believe in.

Yes, you can join in on the forums but you can also just list your beliefs and your arguments on your own home page. How would you fix things, what would you change or, what would you not change?