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Post Date: Monday February 19. 2024
Today's question:
When can the federal government impose a tax on any item exported from any one state? Go to ``Shop Online`` under the Civics 101 tab and find the answer in our Pop Quiz card game on the U.S. Constitution.
Today's topic:
What are the ten amendments contained in the Bill of Rights? Look them up in
the Bill of Rights section under the Civics 101 tab.
Our motto - ``Everything is simple, once you understand it.``
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The U.S. Constitution is not a set of guidelines. It is the foundation of our country.
Ignore it at your own peril.
Bounce Back offers politicians the opportunity to connect directly with their constituents


Free Bounce Back accounts offer politicians the opportunity to discuss their voting record and plans for the future.

Bounce Back offers you, the voter, the opportunity to hear directly from all your politicians in one web site without being subjected to editorials or visitor comments. At Bounce Back we help you to formulate your own opinions on public policy and politicians


Free Bounce Back accounts offer voters the opportunity to sharpen their debating skills.

Civics 101: Everyone can visit our Educational section to have fun, and learn, with our online games

Civics 101

Everyone can visit our Educational section to learn about historical events that affect our lives today. Visit our Online Shop to find our Pop Quiz card game on America’s Constitution.

Local Government

Town, city, and state governments are also invited to open up accounts to inform their citizens what they need to know, whether it’s time to register their dog or when the next select board meeting is scheduled.

Sound off in the Forums

Our forums encourage freedom of speech and we want people to express their opinions

Politics & Elections

The Deep State, fundraising, scandals, mail-in ballots, promises,  new candidates, old politicians, Convention of States, etc…  Tell us what you think.

Health Care

This is one of the most important and debated issues in America today. But are the laws and regulations making it harder or easier to obtain it?

Social Issues

Gun control vs the second amendment, abortion rights vs the rights of the unborn, LGBTQ rights, law and order, open borders, legalizing drugs, prison reform, and so much more.  How would you fix it?

Sound off in the Forums


Wall street, the national debt and deficit, welfare, minimum wage,  corruption, tariffs, taxes and so much more.  What’s your take?

Entertainment & Media

Does the news media or Hollywood help or corrupt our perspective on real life?  Is the legacy media being replaced by social media?


Are environmental regulations too restrictive or not strong enough? How should government and the private citizen share this responsibility to safeguard our natural resources?

Did You Know?

It is not against the law for a politician to lie.

Political Parties

The modern two-party system consists of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Minor parties in the U.S. include the Libertarian Party, Green Party, Progressive Party and Independent Party.